WayneEnright – Designing and facilitating metaphorical journeys as preparation for ‘new world chaos’

Designing and facilitating metaphorical journeys as preparation for ‘new world chaos’

Wayne Enright

Session duration: 120 minutes

Key words: New World Chaos, metaphorical learning journeys, experiential learning, nature and adventure, growth mindset, resilience, mindfulness, response-ability, collaboration, empowering leadership, constructive conflict, leveraging diversity, and discovering/liv


The key purpose of this workshop is to provide an opportunity for participants to explore the potency of metaphorical learning journeys as a tool to prepare people for the unique challenges of the world we are now experiencing, where disruption and chaotic change are a constant challenge. The well-worn, predictable sheep trail traversing a neatly fenced paddock is being replaced by a thickening jungle of diverse and rapidly growing vegetation, making the previous ‘handrail navigation’ of life increasingly difficult. Previous narratives defining the pathways to success in education, work, relationships, health and happiness are being challenged. The traits and skills of those leading others through this challenging terrain are also being redefined. As educators, therapeutic practitioners, leaders, mentors and guides using the power of nature and adventure, we have an opportunity to use our skills and wisdom to great effect in addressing this challenge.
Metaphorical learning journeys can encompass many aspects of adventure therapy and outdoor education that have already been somewhat mastered by elders in this field. The question is – to what extent are we currently using and sharing this wisdom to fulfil the potential of adventure therapy, outdoor education and outdoor health initiatives as a tool of preparation for navigating life in this new frontier and what are the key ingredients for successfully doing so?
In this workshop we will explore the process of experiential learning combined with metaphors in nature and adventure that can be linked to learning themes such as growth mindset, resilience, mindfulness, response-ability, collaboration, empowering leadership, constructive conflict, leveraging diversity, and discovering/living one’s True North.
This workshop will be an experiential and interactive exploration of innovative approaches using this methodology. Participants will expand their horizons with regard to how to design and facilitate metaphorical journey experiences that are engaging, safe and effective in helping participants to navigate the new frontier of New World Chaos.

Format: Experiential activities, reflection, discussion and co-creation of journey maps.
1. Understanding the unique challenges of the emerging new world frontier.
2. Understanding of experiential / metaphorical learning methodology and its applications.
3. How to design & facilitate an engaging, safe and effective metaphorical journey experience.
4. Skills /attributes of an effective journey guide / pathways for professional & personal development.

About the presenter/s

Wayne Enright – Bio relating to this workshop

Wayne has a background is in physical education, health counselling, organisational wellness and nature-based / adventure therapy. He has been working in the field of adventure-based experiential learning for over 25years with adults and volunteering as an adventure therapy guide for 12years with Operation Flinders Foundation, currently serving on the Clinical Advisory Committee and Chair of their External Adventure Activity Risk Committee. Wayne is also a member of the Industry Advisory Board for UniSA’s course in Outdoor and Environmental Leadership and is currently serving as Deputy Co-Chair of AABAT.

Wayne is founder and director of Free Spirit True North, an Adelaide-based organisation that specialises in leadership, team and personal development, wellness retreats and adventure journeys. He has guided adventures in Papua New Guinea, Patagonia, Peru, Bhutan, Spain, Tanzania, New Zealand and throughout Australia over the last 15years and has a passion for personal development using the metaphors in nature, adventure and journey-based experiences.

Currently Wayne shares his time between working with Operation Flinders Foundation as an outdoor activity leader and trainer, together with facilitating a leadership and personal development program for ‘start up’ entrepreneurs at Lot Fourteen (SA Innovation Hub) and for year 11 and 12 students at entrepreneurial schools who have a preference for experiential learning, especially in the outdoors.

Wayne is the author of The Spirit of Adventure Calls – A Compass for life, Learning & Leadership which is a tribute to his late mentor Mark Auricht and explores the challenging terrain that we are now entering globally, the life and leadership skills that will be crucial for the next generation and how we can learn most effectively using adventure-based experiential learning and metaphorical journey experiences.

Married and parent to two young men, Wayne enjoys time relaxing at home with family and their ‘therapy greyhound’ Tom when not on an adventure.

Educational Background
B.Ed Secondary Physical Education (including OE electives) ACAE Underdale
Grad Dip – Health Counselling & Group Work – UniSA
Other Studies: Facilitation Mastery, Learning to Learn, Beyond Words, Psychosynthesis, Breathwork Therapy, Investment in Excellence, Operation Flinders Guide Training.
Bushwalking Leaders Certification, Flatwater Kayak Instructor, Remote Wilderness First Aid Certification, Cert IV Training & Assessment.
UniSA 3rdYr Outdoor Ed Mentor & Speaker at UniSA Outdoor Ed Conference.