RosemaryWanganeen-Seven Phases to Reintegrate Loss and Grief

Seven Phases to Reintegrate Loss and Grief (Workshop/Walkshop)

Rosemary Wanganeen, Founder of Healing Centre for Griefology

Session type: Regular forum session

Key words: Grief, griefology, healing


This workshop will be interactive and conducted partly indoors and outdoors as Rosemary takes you on a Journey through the 7 Phases to Integrating Loss & Grief.

You will discover more about how loss and grief can act as significant causal factor leading to mental health challenges, family dislocation, social disadvantage, as well as crime and imprisonment including barriers to life reintegration for those leaving prison or drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

The Seven Phases to Integrating Loss and Grief© framework suggests that we have a right, a role and a responsibility to ask to what extent ancestral losses and their suppressed unresolved grief have compounded and complicated their descendant’s contemporary losses and whether suppressed unresolved grief may be a missing link to how we understand the way in which people respond to the criminal justice system and how we can work to transform ‘Aboriginal disadvantage’ into ‘Aboriginal’ prosperity for all Aboriginal Australians

There will be time and space to reflect on how this intuitive wisdom can be accessed in connection with Mother Nature as we walk through the 7 phases and pause to reflect on how we can apply these principles in our own context.

About the presenter/s

Rosemary is a proud South Australian Aboriginal woman with ancestral links to Kaurna of the Adelaide Plains and Wirringu from the West Coast. She founded the Sacred Site Within Healing Centre (1993) which preceded the Australian Institute for Loss and Grief (2005) and as a Griefologist, she specialises in loss and grief from a humanitarian perspective but very much centred around Aboriginal loss and grief.

Rosemary became an intuitive researcher between 1987 and 1992 which compelled her to engage with her own personal major losses and unresolved grief experiences; afraid and alone she became the ‘pebble thrown into a pond’! However, grateful for this process, she reconnected to her Spiritual Ancestors who guided her intuitive research skills, methodologies & theories. Incensed, she realised the rippling effects of her major losses and unresolved grief post 1788, wasn’t just dangerous and damaging to her, but to her family, her community and her people, as First Nations Australian.

Her intuitive research culminated in her peer reviewed & published Seven Phases to Integrating Loss & Grief model and the act of integrating losses and unresolved grief restored her Aboriginal prosperity or simply put, her social, emotional, health and wellbeing, post 1788!

As a Griefologist, Rosemary was free to reframe the deficit western construct of ‘Aboriginal disadvantage’ and put it under the umbrella of loss and grief as the missing link to Aboriginal prosperity.

Some of her proudest moments:
Based on ‘industry experience’ accepted into Adelaide University, Master in Philosophy.
SA Health – A Finalist in Mental Health Excellence Awards (2016)
Winner: Outstanding Health Project/Program – Aboriginal Health Council (SA) NAIDOC Health Awards 2016

• The Gladys Elphick Centenary Medal
• Business Woman of the Year Nomination
• South Australian of the Year Winner – Community
• State Finalist and Zonta Club of Adelaide – Women of Achievement Award (SA)