Paddy Hocking-A Taste of Deep Ecology

A Taste of Deep Ecology

Paddy Hocking

Session type: Regular forum session


This session could be facilitated in a number of different ways depending on the needs of the organisers.

*** This workshop will give participants a taste of experiential Nature Connective practices used during the Deep Ecology Camps and workshops I have been facilitating over the last 8 years. It will explore themes of gratitude, perception and connection through a range of experiential and artistic activities.

About the presenter/s

Paddy Hocking loves creating experiences where people can authentically connect with themselves, their peers and the natural world. He completed his BA in Outdoor Education in 2002 and ever since has either led camps, worked in rope access or travelled. He currently coordinates Perth Waldorf Schools high school Outdoor Education program and teaches woodwork to students aged 10-12. When he is not teaching, you can find him exploring WAs beaches and bushland with his family and friends.