MoranWiesel – Listening as Earth’s Body: A collective transformation

Listening as Earth’s Body: A collective transformation

Moran Wiesel

Session type: Regular forum session


How do we allow the earth to speak through us? How might we speak back? With a combination of playfully authentic movement, group ritual, earth-evoked harp/flute meditations, and the trees/plants/birds/earth, this session aims for a deep presencing to our relationships with the more-than-human earth.

We are earth-beings, and yet often our healing and therapy stories revolve around our individual “selves”. This session explores how we might prioritise our deep earth selves in collective transformation. Drawing on Joanna Macys Work that Reconnects as a framework, as well as pair/group practices of authentic meditative embodiment, this session spirals through grounding processes which acknowledge gratitude for earth, such as music meditation and authentic earth-inspired movement, which can enable playful, sacred community.

The session then spirals into honouring whatever emotions may arise from embodying our earth-beingness. We hold collective space for each other to witness, and perhaps transform, any eco-anxiety or eco-grief. Honouring our Pain for the World, in Macys framing, is an essential part of transitioning from ego to eco centricity, enabling a deep recognition that our pain/joy is also earths, and earths pain/joy is also ours.

This honouring paves the way for the last part of the session: a collective sharing of ways participants are currently bringing earth-centred perspectives into their therapy practices, and a reflection on how we might engage more deeply in these earth connections: in short, how we might allow earth to speak through us, and how we might facilitate earth to speak through those we work with.

About the presenter/s

Moran Wiesel is a musician, facilitator, intersectional activist, and wordsmith.

As a facilitator, Moran creates intentional space to enter into collective healing and connection, allowing whatever to be, to be. In 2019 Moran co-founded EarthWalks: Walking Connections in Country, and has partnered with Kickstart Arts to co-facilitate Embodied Earth, Embodied Arts: Work that Reconnects, a creative somatic workshop series. Most recently, they are a co-facilitator of the Work that Reconnects, Deep Ecology, and Active Hope, Network Tasmania offering weekend and day-long forest immersion workshops, as well as an innovative new program Listening with the Body: A Harp Journey – a collaboration with world-renowned harpist Alice Giles AM.

As a harpist and flautist, Moran plays with several ensembles that share the joy of earth-based connection, as well as offering earth-inspired and outdoor therapeutic sound-baths.

Moran also believes in the power of words and ideas in entangling our earth relationships. They are a geographer and spoken word poet, and editor of Friends of the Earths national magazine, Chain Reaction.