MauroVieira – Embracing meaning with nature

Embracing meaning with nature

Mauro Vieira

Session duration: 120 minutes

Key words: Nature, Mental Health, Creative Expression, Existential Phenomenology


It is well known how that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s mental health increasing anxiety, depression, the use of alcohol and other drugs and social isolation. This situation has shown the need for an approach that can help people find meaning, a sense of belonging, being at home, which can be facilitated by an experience with nature. This workshop aims to provide a meaningful experiential moment and reflection on how “we-are-with-nature” and how we can find meaning with nature through the phenomenological existential method.

Our understanding of the world is that everything is available to us, including nature. Through the phenomenological existential perspective proposed by Martin Heidegger, the world is not only the objective conjunction of things but where we, “dasein”, realise and embrace meaning. With this comprehension, nature is not only available to us to “be in”, to be used or connected, but where one can find, realise and embrace meaning.

When an activity facilitated by a professional using this approach, participants can experience a different way of existing, relating and being with nature, changing the signification of past experience, the understanding of themselves and being able to make changes in their lives, improving their mental health and wellbeing, their connection with the world and society.

About the presenter/s

Bachelor in Psychology; Graduate in Psychology; Post-Graduation in Art Therapy; Post-Graduation in Psychological Practice in Institutions. I undertook my psychological training in Brazil and have more than 15 years of experience in the provision of mental health care and psychological services. I am now a registered Australian Psychologist. I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families, dealing with a range of complex emotional disorders, illnesses and life challenges.

As part of my extensive training and experience, I worked for several years as a university professor, supervisor, and manager of internship in psychology courses. I am passionate about humanistic care and have extensive experience with existential therapy, client-centred and narrative therapy.

Always utilising evidence-based practice, my approach is carefully tailored to meet my client’s needs according to their own uniqueness. When it is possible, I like to introduce the use of artistic mediums in my practice which contributes significantly to my meaningful approach.

Founder of Hawkesbury River Psychology, I am focusing on delivering outdoor sessions including mindfulness on the Hawkesbury River – NSW, Psychology and art therapy, creative expression sessions, anxiety management groups, suicide prevention groups for young people and men’s group on a boat and/or bush.