Mark Cartner – Building bridges not burning them – making alliances and ignoring boundaries between government, non-government and other organisations.

Building bridges not burning them

Mark Cartner

Session type: Regular forum session
Session duration: 60 minutes

Key words: Crime prevention, child protection, juvenile justice


Full Session Title:

Building bridges not burning them – making alliances and ignoring boundaries between government, non-government and other organisations.

This session will discuss a typical session in Senior Constable Cartner’s Walk of Life program and how blending different approaches brings both complications and benefits. The program has evolved over time blending different methodologies and uniting various agencies, sometimes out of necessity and often out of Senior Constable Cartner’s ignorance of boundaries. This will allow us to examine how to build partnerships, particularly with government departments which can often be a mysterious world, utilising evidence and promoting your product in a language relevant to those who might otherwise be indifferent to your product. We will briefly discuss the use of social media and video production as a great means of developing interest in your product among clients and other agencies.

About the presenter/s

Mark brings a crime prevention and child protection perspective to bush adventure therapy. A sworn police officer since 1999, Mark commenced working as a Detective in the child protection field from 2003.

He spent 12 years investigating child sex offences in Cairns, Bundaberg as well as the remote communities of Aurukun, Pormpuraaw, Kowanyama, Lockhart River, Hopevale, Wudjal Wudjal, Mossman Gorge Community and Yarrabah. He achieved the rank of Detective Sergeant before taking a voluntary demotion to move closer to his father due to his fathers’ ailing health.

During this time, Mark volunteered his time running youth groups focussing on development through expeditions. He has taken youth groups on east/west crossings of Cape York by 4WD, hiked the famous Thorsborne Trail on Hinchinbrook Island, taken youth on a history expedition visiting sites named by Captain Cook between Cairns and Cooktown, completed the Carnarvon Gorge Great Walk and hiked the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk.

Desiring a change from child abuse work in 2014, Mark decided to see if he could combine the skills he had gained in his work and volunteer life to create a crime prevention/child protection program. He located a supportive school principal who agreed to support him in his endeavours and has never looked back.

Now working as a School Based Police Officer, Mark works at a high school full time putting his ideas in practice for the benefit of youth. Some of his more cynical colleagues believe he has simply discovered a way to go camping and canoeing in work time, a claim Mark strenuously denies. These claims quickly fade when speaking to Mark and discovering his genuine commitment and enthusiasm for working for the benefit of youth. Given the opportunity, Mark will talk all day about things he’s learnt and theories about child
protection and crime prevention.

Mark is a qualified flatwater canoe instructor and bushwalking (uncontrolled environments) instructor. He and his wife raise 4 kids. Although this leaves little time for hobbies, he still spends an inordinate amount of time surfing, playing guitar, 4 wheel driving and pretty much anything that involves the outdoors.

Of Aboriginal, German and Scottish heritage, Mark has a lifelong interest in reconciling different culture as exemplified by his own heritage.

Mark is the co-Deputy Chair of AABAT.