Louise Flaherty – Resilient Girls – Preparing for Rites of Passage

Resilient Girls - Preparing for Rites of Passage

Louise Flaherty, Cath Norman

Session duration: 90 minutes

Key words: Teens Transitions Rites of Passage Nature Self Identity


to assist societies greatest need; to be self assured and able to grow up well. We will focused some simple frameworks as well as guide you through the life of a teen girl and their need for transformational learning experiences

About the presenter/s

Louise Flaherty and Cath Norman deliver retreats & workshops for young women, their parents & educators, utilising Rites of Passage frameworks, experiential learning, and sexuality gender diversity concepts.
Louise currently runs a counselling private practice in Moana on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia, and is the founder and lead facilitator of little big bush camps, workshops and bush retreats focused on assisting young people and their supports in connection with self and others.
Cath Norman, a mother of many is trained in Rites of Passage and with her partner, leads consent sexuality, consent and gender based workshops in schools throughout Australia