Kylie Peters – The Equine Invitation

The Equine Invitation

Kylie Peters

Session type: Regular forum session


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About the presenter/s

Kylie Peters is a registered psychologist and family therapist. She believes in facilitating others to achieve their fullest potential and move forward to where they would like to be heading. She utilizes a holistic strengths-based approach to assist in developing skills and helping people find skills and capabilities that they already had but couldn’t see yet.

Kylie is passionate about helping people improve their relationships with themselves, she has a very practical and applied approach to therapy. Currently working with young people, families and adults: addressing a range of issues specializing in family therapy, eating disorders, trauma and equine therapy. Kylie also offers training and supervision for equine therapy internationally. Kylie has been running equine facilitated therapy and personal development workshops both as a trainer and practitioner for over ten years across Australia. Kylie has developed the invitational framework model for equine therapy and is a leader in her field. Barbara Rector has endorsed Kylie to run the training programs in Australia.

Kylie is excited and privileged to be presenting at AABAT forums for her tenth year in a row in forums across Australia with her four-legged co-facilitators.