Kaya Lyons – Playing for Wellness

Playing for Wellness

Kaya Lyons

Session duration: 90 minutes

Key words: curiosity, playfulness, exploration, expression, connection, healing, wellness


It is from a place of curiosity that humans develop & evolve. Shifting the body, mind & spirit into an active state of desire, exploration, investigation & learning. So what if curiosity is dampened in an individual? How do we reignite the spark? Can children with their playfulness be our teaches into the world of curiosity & healing? This interactive workshop will invite each individual to explore, express & play; opening a window to reflect on playing for wellness & reconnecting to the curious self.

About the presenter/s

Kaya is a dynamic Occupational Therapist who is driven to support children to thrive in life as unique individuals. Kaya is the director of Active OT For Kids and Camp Reset aiming to provide services that make a difference. She values nature, culture and connection.

She has extensive training and experience working with children with autism, trauma, physical disabilities, genetic disabilities, emotional and behavioural disorders, global developmental delays, and specific learning difficulties. Kaya’s professional skills provide a platform for her to work with babies through to adolescents with complex needs.

She values the importance of play, attachment and being active. As a mother of three children she also understands the constant challenge to find balance in life.