DomCourtney – Actions from the Outdoor Council of Australia 2021 National Summit

Actions from the Outdoor Council of Australia 2021 National Summit

Dom Courtney

Session duration: 60 minutes

Key words: national, summit, 2021, outdoor, council, australia, actions, summary, update, working, groups


In May 2021, the Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA) held the 2021 National Summit to discuss priorities and paths to transformation of Australia’s outdoors industry and its sectors, including bush adventure therapy.
The OCA is the national peak body for the outdoors industry. OCA board members invited around 100 representatives from various outdoor sectors, states and territories to consider the issues and possible solutions.
The 2021 National Summit was not intended to discover the ultimate solutions to issues, but is an opportunity to assist Australia’s outdoor sectors to thrive.
We would like to provide an update on outcomes from the 2021 National Summit and discuss what has been done since, and possible future developments.

About the presenter/s

Dom Courtney is the President of the Outdoor Council of Australia (OCA). Dom has been an OCA board member for several years, and has been Executive Officer of Outdoors Queensland/QORF since 2015.
Dom is a strong advocate for outdoor activities, whether those activities are undertaken for the purposes of adventure therapy, health, non-competitive recreation, competitive sports, outdoor and environmental education or tourism.
Before joining Outdoors Queensland/QORF, Dom worked in recreation and property management for local government and state government authorities, and also had a career as an environmental and quality assurance technician/lab manager.