Djulz Jade Chambers-West-African Inspired Ensemble Drumming: Reorienting to the Heart Beat

West-African Inspired Ensemble Drumming: Reorienting to the Heart Beat

Djulz Jade Chambers

Session type: Regular forum session

Key words: Drumming


Djulz’s offering of guided traditional drumming will assist in the unification of its participants with their fundamental nature, and with dissolving perceived boundaries with the natural world.

Since time immemorial, the drum has been used as a vehicle that is integral to healing rituals by custodians of the world’s most ancient cultures.  Essentially, drum rhythms act as ‘valves’, relieving blockages to the vital physical energy flow of their participants that are caused by irregular rhythms or emotional disturbances.

Drumming has gradually been recognised in the West for its far-reaching therapeutic effects, and applied in many contexts as a complement to other healing modalities. Engaging with rhythmic energy and the vibrations of the drum is a means of returning to the natural rhythm of the heart, and of allowing the drummer the opportunity to self re-integrate.

In a space where verbal modes of communication are subordinated, the drums speak, and participants experience an authentic return to their individual power and to their bodies. This process empowers the individual’s healing journey, allowing them to activate the process of restoring physical and emotional harmony.

By communicating with the non-verbal and universal language of the drum, souls connected within a drum circle experience an authentic re-cognition of self, which is integral to the healing process. Through the repetitive beating of a drum, they have the means to deeply connect with their own spirit, and to be engaged with it in an environment of interpersonal support. The act of participating in a drum circle may thus alleviate self-centredness, as well as feelings of isolation and alienation

About the presenter/s

Djulz has been playing West African percussion since 2000, but her true initiation into its art and inseparable cultural traditions began in 2006, when she undertook a journey to the central West African nations of Burkina Faso and Mali. Over three years, she studied with griot artists through the Sahel and Sub-Saharan regions and was the recipient of traditional knowledge that is the foundation for her playing and teachings today.

From this genesis, Djulz’s passion has led her to collaborate in recording and performance projects with musicians including Paul Isaac (Hawaii), Woven Talon (New Mexico), Chris Berry (New Mexico), Kaisha (Australia), Sparrow (Australia), Ganga Giri (Australia) and Adam Rankin (Australia). She has also had the privilege of teaching traditional West African drumming throughout Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hawaii and the Northern United States.

Soul Circles Drumming workshops are focused on facilitating an environment where people can explore their unique rhythm and creativity within the primordial essence of the ensemble music that was taught to Djulz from her teachers throughout West Africa, particularly Adama Koita (Group Burkina Azza, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso) and Matché Traore (Bamako, Mali). She continues to develop within this tradition under the guidance of traditional custodians Mady Keita (Bamako, Mali and Melbourne, Australia) and Bassidi Koné (Bamako, Mali and Melbourne, Australia).
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