DianaBarnett – Wayapa Wuurrk, Connecting You To Earth And Self

Wayapa Wuurrk, Connecting You To Earth And Self

Diana Barnett

Session duration: 90 minutes

Key words: Wayapa Wuurrk, Wayapa, Wuurrk, Wellbeing, Wellness, Earth Connection, Mental Health, Sustainability, Regenerative Leadership, Regeneration, Nature Immersion, Embody, Meditation,


A 90-minute Introductory Wayapa Wuurrk Workshop that works well outdoors, connecting to the elements in the environment or, if need be, facilitated indoors.

Wayapa Wuurrk, in the languages of the Maara & GunaiKurnai Peoples, directly translates to “Connect to the Earth”.

Wayapa co-creators Jamie Marloo Thomas, proud GunaiKurnai man and Maara descendant, and Sara Jones, a Welsh Canadian Australian, are on a mission to help you and me strengthen our relationship with our environment by drawing on ancient Indigenous wisdom and earth mindfulness. The aim is to encourage each of us to make regenerative choices that benefit the Earth and taking intergenerational responsibility seriously.

They’ve added Earth to Mind, Body, Spirit Wellbeing. Underpinning their mission is the philosophy that without nurturing Earth, there’s no point focusing on our own mind~body~spirit. They acknowledge Australia’s First Peoples and Indigenous peoples worldwide, also recognised this connection and lived with nature for their own wellness.

All Wayapa Practitioners and anyone who experiences the Wayapa Practice is encouraged to acknowledge that we are all indigenous to our planet and tap into our ancestors’ wisdom and relationship with Earth. Using this wisdom to build resilience for the Earth and ourselves.

This introductory interactive workshop facilitated by Wayapa Wuurrker Diana Barnett will include
– An Acknowledgement to Country
– An earth meditation
– Intro to Wayapa, the history and how it’s practised
– The physical movement and
– A reflective activity
– Closing with intentions

A link for more information – https://bit.ly/3uNv8Wb

NOTE Photo and video consent *
I give my consent to have the session Photographed BUT NOT Videod – due to licencing restrictions.

About the presenter/s

Diana Barnett is a certified Wayapa Practitioner who loves the Wayapa philosophy, especially the 14th element, which reminds us to be a child, be curious and continuously learning without judgement, to have fun, and celebrate.

One of Diana’s missions is to empower others to connect to nature and use nature-based tools to reduce burnout and fatigue at work and amplify wellbeing for self and the Earth. As a contemporary steward of this planet, we all call home, she’s committed to regenerative leadership, transformational travel, promoting biodiversity and believes we can learn a lot from indigenous peoples.

Diana is also a Zenergy Global Facilitator and a Natural Mindfulness Guide.