BronwynPaynter – Marketing your nature based service

Marketing your nature based service

Bronwyn Paynter

Key words: Business, marketing


Most of us are working in, with and for nature because it aligns with our personal values, we understand the evidence about how effective partnering with nature is to support health and wellbeing and we are deeply committed to conserving and valuing nature without harming it. BUT – if we’re running a business, we do need to make a profit. AND – getting paid is important because most of us live in a world that requires money. I have invested over $60,000 and countless hours in coaching and work in learning about marketing and branding in the last 2 years. In my business I help occupational therapists internationally create nature-based programs, services and businesses. In my first 12 months I generated over $100,000 revenue with my group and individual coaching offer. There are sooo many marketing strategies – most things work to some extent but I’m interested in what is the best use of our time to generate interest and sales so we can concentrate on delivering our services. In this workshop I will show you my Nature Business Marketing Strategy and we’ll brain storm and workshop the first steps so you have your messaging clear and copy written! Bring whatever your preferred tools are – lap top, ipad, pen and paper + your existing website, social media or other ‘messaging’ resources that you have. This workshop is best suited to solopreneur or small businesses, or those that want to revisit their messaging.

About the presenter/s

Bronwyn Paynter is an occupational therapist (OT) who helps OTs internationally create nature-based programs and businesses, using her proprietary NatureOT Method. Bronwyn is obsessed with the evidence about the health and wellbeing benefits of nature and skilled in coaching OTs to develop, evaluate and market evidence-based programs. Bronwyn’s training in Forest & Nature Therapy guiding in 2017 was personally transformational and led to her purchase of an 83 acre private National Park Sanctuary on the Fleurieu Peninsula to share with others and indulge in her own nature connection for wellbeing. Bronwyn holds qualifications in occupational therapy, permaculture design, WHS management and auditing, and project management. But mostly, she loves nature and people.