Seth Tullar – lit chats: A Microdose of Nature with a Macrodose of Fun

Lit chats: A Microdose of Nature with a Macrodose of Fun

Seth Tullar

Session type: Regular forum session
Session duration: 120 minutes

Key words: bush adventure therapy; headspace; group work; client led practice; facilitation


The main take away message from our group is this: YOU DON’T HAVE TO IDENTIFY AS AN “OUTDOORS” PERSON TO BENEFIT FROM THE OUTDOORS. We believe biophilia is for all…not just those with access to world-class vistas. We noticed that often young people get turned off from utilising natural spaces because not everyone wants to hike Mt. Everest…some just want to smell the grass sometimes and that’s ok.

Feel a slice of what our young people experience, as we walk you through an actual session of our group, “lit chats”. This is a clinical group at headspace Geraldton that seeks to reach marginalised young people who might not prefer “inside counselling”:

  1. Engaging youth in a group setting, where they are modelled (and redirected) to develop boundaried, healthy relationships with each other, themselves, nature, and adults.
  2. Break down socialisation barriers that seem to be more prevalent in Gen Z clients through intentional use of play and graded exposure.
  3. Subtly utilising narrative therapy practices to externalise problems and build strong stories; therefore building a culture of respect. (safety)
  4. Utilising natural spaces to facilitate this growth and therefore build relationships with the natural world…no matter how small those connections are.

Currently operating on a two season model, “lit chats” has a summer and winter format that includes gathering around a fire pit to share stories in the latter and going on outings to the beach in the former.

Building a BAT program at headspace Geraldton has had many challenges and many more privileges. Join us as we take you through these trials and decide whether you could see this format working for the young people in your community.

About the presenter/s

Seth Tullar, Provisional Psychologist (Double Bachelor’s of Psychology and Leadership Studies from the Honors Program at The University of Texas of the Permian Basin) is a proud neurodivergent Texan, and has experience writing really long titles (see above) and working with marginalized people both in Texas and Australia. He currently is studying to become a General Psychologist in beautiful WA on Yamaji country and is a Youth Counselor for headspace Geraldton. He loves not being bored and seeing people become the absolute badasses that they always were!

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